New for 2014, we have launched a monthly speaker series featuring expert presentations on an array of geospatial topics. Presentations are broadcast live via Adobe Connect and can be accessed here.

Upcoming Presentations

Check back shortly for our fall/winter 2014 schedule!

Past Presentations

Sub-Meter Remote Sensing of Earth’s Poles

Paul Morin, Polar Geospatial Center

Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 2:00 pm CST.

Recently, the federally-funded polar science community in the US has gained access to five polar-orbiting, electro-optical, sub-meter-resolution satellites.This allows the polar regions to be imaged and examined at an unprecedented rate and scale. The outlet glaciers of Greenland, the cracks in the Antarctic ice shelves, and Alaska's entire North Slope are currently being imaged in both mono and stereo.

The polar community is beginning to grasp the possibilities of these imagery resources. This talk will discuss the opportunities and limitations of these resources, along with the high-level products available through the Polar Geospatial Center, such as orthorectified imagery mosaics and digital elevation models.

Google Street View in Antarctica and Beyond

Presentation recording coming soon!

Alex Starns, Google & Cole Kelleher, Polar Geospatial Center

Friday, April 25th, 2014 at 2:00 pm CST.

Alex Starns, Google Street View operations Manager for the Asia/Pacific Region (plus Antarctica!) will give a talk about the origin, history, and behind-the-scenes operations of Street View.

From its earliest days almost 10 years ago as an experiment by Google's CEO and Founder Larry Page, Street View has grown into a mature and much-loved feature of Google Maps. It now encompasses several million miles of roads in over 50 countries. We're now expanding beyond roads to remote areas of the world including, thanks to the Polar Geospatial Center, Antarctica.

Tune in to hear about the product, our collaboration with the Polar Geospatial Center and other research groups, and where we hope to take the product in the future.

Cole Kelleher from the Polar Geospatial Center will present on unique challenges to capturing Google Street View in Antarctica immediately following Alex's presentation.

Article: PGC Provides Stunning New Imagery for Google Street View

Link: Google Maps World Wonders Project, Antarctica