The Polar Geospatial Center provides web mapping applications for the polar and public use.  We offer a range of data viewers and tools for the polar regions.  For user who would like to use the web mapping services in GIS software, such as ArcGIS, visit our web map services page.  These applications are in continuous development, so check back often for increased functionality and/or more data offerings.  If you'd like to request a feature in one of our web apps or report a bug, please contact us.

PGC Imagery Viewers

The PGC Imagery Viewers are three mapping applications (Antarctica, Arctic, World) which highlight the PGC's 0.5-meter imagery mosaics.  Much of Greenland, Alaska, and Antarctica are covered with high-resolution satellite imagery in the Viewers.  Also, each application includes other basemap layers including satellite imagery basemaps, placename search, georeferenced maps and more. Please note: in order to view the high-resolution imagery mosaics, you must have a verified account (with proof of active federal funding for work in the polar regions) with the PGC; you can request an account here

PGC Coordinate Converter

The PGC Coordinate Conversion Tool is a simple JavaScript-based application which dynamically convers geographic coordinates to/from four coordinate formats (Decimal Degrees, Degrees Minutes Seconds, Degrees Decimal Minutes, and WGS84 Antarctic Polar Stereographic).  Use this tool to standardize your coordinates or view locations on a map.

Antarctic Air Photo Viewer

The TMA (trimetrogon aerial photography) Flightline Viewer is a Flash-based map viewer for historic Antarctic aerial photography.  This viewer allows users geographically search, view, and download aerial photography for Antarctica.  The application offers two resolutions for most aerial photos, a low-resolution "preview" JPEG and high-resolution (digitally scanned at 25 microns) TIFF.

RISCO RapidIce Viewer

The RISCO RapidIce Viewer is a search, view, and download application which highlights over 500,000 unique satellite images from 18 sensors for pre-selected areas-of-interested ("subsets") in Greenland and Antarctica.  This application is part of the Rapid Ice Sheet Change Observatory, which specializes in historic and near-real-time imaging of outlet glaciers and ice sheets.  In the RapidIce Viewer, selected a subset and view the image preview in a chronologic grid of browse images.  For each image, you can view a higher resolution version, download a GeoTIFF (for most sensors), or link back to that image's original metadata at its data center.  For more information on RISCO, please contact Ian Howat at Ohio State University.

ICE-D Antarctic Map Interface

In collaboration with Greg Balco of the Berkeley Geochronology Center, PGC developed a map browsing interface for the "ICE-D: Antarctica" database of cosmogenic-nuclide exposure age data. The data was collected by many researchers throughout Antarctica during the past two decades. These data are the primary source of direct evidence for past ice thickness changes in Antarctica between the last glacial maximum (ca. 15,000 - 25,000 years ago) and the present. The goal of this project is to make these data more visible and transparent to the overall research community, and more useful for ice sheet reconstruction and numerical model validation. Go to the prototype map browsing interface or the main database page.