The PGC has used an automated method to georeference approximately 90% of the AHAP data. The imagery is not accurately placed nor orthorectified. Errors can be up to 500 meters. This georeferencing method is intended for approximation only. If more accurate registration is required, the user should find ground control points for each image.

Camera information can be found here.

Flightline Interactive Search

An interactive flightline viewer is available for download in KMZ format. Using the KMZ format requires Google Earth, a free download.

Flightline & Photocenters Raw Data

The PGC provides raw flightline and photocenter data as an ESRI shapefile (.shp).

To navigate the full imagery collection and find a specific photograph by its number, follow these links:

More Resources

For more info about the Alaska High Altitude Photography collection, see these external sites: