Antarctic Air Photography

The PGC maintains a collection of all trimetrogon aerial (TMA) photography and flightlines of photos taken in Antarctica from 1946 to the present. The collection contains over 330,000 air photos collected and scanned at medium resolution (400 dpi) by the USGS EROS data center. The original USGS flightline basemaps have been scanned and digitized into GIS data formats (e.g. shapefile and KMZ) available for download.

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Arctic Air Photography

The PGC provides imagery from the Alaska High Altitude Photography (AHAP) collection, which covers approximately 95% of the State of Alaska in 1:60,000 color infrared (CIR) and 1:120,000 black and white photography. Approximately 60,000 frames of photography were acquired between 1978 and 1986 and scanned by the USGS EROS data center at medium resolution (400 dpi). We host the imagery as GeoTIFF and the metadata in GIS format (shapefile and KMZ). The PGC also provides a Google Earth-based search application to facilitate imagery browsing.

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