Paul Morin

Manager of geospatial support for NSF's Office of Polar Programs.

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Jonathan Pundsack

Chief coordinator of day-to-day affairs.

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Research & Support Staff

Brad Herried

Cartographic product manager and web application developer.

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Mike Cloutier

Point of contact and GIS specialist.

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Thomas Juntunen

Remote sensing researcher and software developer.

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Cole Kelleher

Map maker and PGC's primary point of contact.

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Claire Porter

Researcher focused on computational image processing.

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Lucas Winzenburg

Learning and engagement coordinator.

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Information Technology Administrators

Charles Nguyen

I work at the Saint Anthony Falls Lab (SAFL), maintain PGC's servers and assist with all areas of information technology.

Graduate & Undergraduate Students

Carl Reim

  • Geospatial Support Assistant

I process and deliver satellite imagery for researchers. read bio »

Michael Clementz

  • Geospatial Support Assistant

I process and deliver satellite imagery to assist in polar research. read bio »

Erik Husby

  • Geospatial Support Assistant

I do satellite imagery distribution and analytics. read bio »

Former Staff and Students

Shannon Brown, Geospatial Support Assistant

Jacqueline Burke, Geospatial Support Assistant

Sarah Child, GIS Technician

Scott Feeney, Web Content Editor

Aurora Hagan, Research Assistant

Joe Krenzelok, Geospatial Support Assistant

Melisa Larsen, Geospatial Support Assistant

Michelle LaRue, Biological Researcher

Aubrey Lee, Research Assistant

Yuanyuan Luo, Geospatial Support Assistant

Jake McDonald, GIS Technician

Seth Merrifield, Geospatial Support Assistant

Andrew Morrison, Research Assistant

Evan Nordstrom, Web Content Editor

Spencer Niebuhr, Geospatial Analyst

Jennifer Reinke, Geospatial Support Assistant

William Risse, Geospatial Support Assistant

George Roth, Geospatial Support Specialist

Ryan Shelberg, Geospatial Support Assistant

Sara Schmitt, Administrative Assistant

Emily Schmeling, Administrative Assistant

Leta Schoeller, GIS Assistant

Chad Sigler, GIS Assistant

Kit Summers, Research Assistant

Matt Swanson, Research Assistant

Yi Zou, Research Assistant