Aubrey Lee
Former Data Specialist, PGC

What I Did at the PGC

I collected imagery of the Arctic and Antarctic for scientists who study polar regions. My duties included one-on-one communication with polar scientists (geologists, biologists, climatologists, etc...), gathering imagery of their areas of interest, orthorectifying the imagery, and dispersing it to them. I also worked with Google Earth in helping them to update their polar imagery. I spent days, nay, weeks sorting through multispectral imagery of Alaska, Greenland, Antarctica, and other polar locations for the most pristine imagery to be added to Google Earth. While at PGC, I served one Antarctic field season at McMurdo Station and in the Dry Valleys.

What I'm Doing Now

Since I left PGC mid-2011, I moved to Duluth, MN to continue my studies via a MS in Geology at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. My thesis is a mapping-intensive study of a layered mafic intrusion in NW Ontario. Living in Duluth has been absolutely wonderful. Also this year, I received an invitation from PGC to join them in Antarctica for the 2011-2012 season! What an incredible opportunity! I saw places I'd only ever dreamed about. The experience was one I will never forget.


  • MS, Geology, University of Minnesota - Duluth (in progress)
  • BS, Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, 2011


I studied Geology and Geophysics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in Minneapolis and graduated with a BS in 2011. I had many amazing field experiences during that time where I learned how to create a bedrock geologic map of a region. It is now my passion and something I've learned to do quite well. I'm most interested in Precambrian terrains where the rocks are very old and not well exposed and mapping them takes great patience and diligence. Of course, the best part is the treasured time spent in nature.