Cole Kelleher
Cartographer & Support Coordinator, PGC
Phone: 612-625-6194

What I Do

I primarily compose general reference and thematic maps to support polar researchers and logistical operations for the Arctic and Antarctic. In addition to map support, I assist in the maintenance and management of a wide range of data products and datasets. While on The Ice, my duties consist largely of onsite map production, providing logistics support, assisting in ground control collection, and a variety of other tasks which fulfill our role as a National Science Foundation funded center for Antarctic geospatial support. I also have the privilege of learning from and collaborating with polar researchers and the great people that work here at the Polar Geospatial Center.

As the primary point of contact at the PGC, I am here to answer general questions about what we do and act as a segue into the services we provide. I also prepare satellite imagery for delivery, assist in training researchers and students, and help plan and prepare for each field season.


  • Master of Geographic Information Science (GIS), University of Minnesota, 2012
  • BS, Land Surveying and Mapping Sciences with a Minor in GIS, St. Cloud State University, 2010


My professional interests consist of, but are not limited to: geomatics, geovisualization, cartography, and design. I am continuously intrigued by the variety of learning opportunities and applications GIS offers to myself and others, as well as its impact on a global scale.

My personal interests are comprised of human and cultural studies, eastern and western philosophy, art and design, and (you guessed it) geography.

My hobbies include traveling, commuting without the use of fossil fuels, photography, video composition and editing, reading a multitude of books, painting, making noise on my guitar, listening to music, learning in general, and spending time with friends and family.