Scott Feeney
Former Web Content Editor, PGC

What I Did at the PGC

I designed PGC's website. My contributions range as widely as user experience, design, HTML/CSS coding, drafting and editing textual content, and writing database code that powers our map search. Now that the new site has launched, I maintain it with an eye toward continual improvement, making it as easy as possible for researchers and the public to use PGC's resources.

Working here is a great experience. While my own interaction with map making and remote sensing software is minimal, I'm thrilled to be around people who use these exciting technologies to support important research.


I enjoy tasty vegetarian food and cook as many of my own meals as possible using fresh ingredients. I commute by bicycle year-round and when it's above freezing I'm up for a just-for-fun bike ride too. Since taking root in Minneapolis I've also grown fond of swimming in the lakes in summer.